Ride like a Viking


Cathrine Fodstad


A practical path to unity with your horse

Connect with your horse..

It`s really quite simple to connect with horses, but it is rarely thought. When connecting with horses no drugs, talent, special diet, minerals or other magic stuff is needed. What you need is honesty, respect and trust, blended together and allowed to work for as long as it takes. 



Ride like a Viking!
A few, practical exercises, done in a mindful way, will help you develop a magic bond with your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. With good connection and good tools you and your horse can overcome issues like bucking, bolting, stubbornness, rearing and spooking. The method can be used on any horse, no particular breed, tack or facilities are needed.  

Take the first step on your path to unity with your horse
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