Ride like a Viking

A Practical Path
Certain practical exercises, done in a mindful way, will help you develop a magic bond between you and your horse, both on the ground and in the saddle. It is all very basic and easy, and anyone can do it! The best part is that the exercises will give you tools to handle any situation with your horse. 

Ride Like A Vikings path to unity, is not about submission from the horse in terms of chasing it around until showing signs of respect, it is also not about laying the horse down as a quick fix to "everything". The path is about saying yes instead of no, and to follow up your ask in a context of peace and understanding. 

Horses are experts at reading body language, because that`s how they communicate with each other. They sense our emotions and energy, not necessarily by smelling it, but because our emotions affect our actions and the way we do things.
The first step on the path is to set a context of peace and understanding, and that is our job. The next step is to connect the horse to our body language, which when done in a mindfull and systematic way will not feel like an insult to the horse. They move each other around all the time, pressure and release is something any horse who has interacted with other horses understand. But they are also very good at reading the emotional context behind our pressure, is it a restriction “no don`t do that”, or is it a question, “yes please do”… 
To set the context is probably our greatest responsibility as horse trainers, because we already do it, wherever we are aware of it or not.
The first part of the training is about you becoming awere of what emotions your horse makes you feel and how to go about feeling differently, and thereby also acting differently, if that is necessary.
When this is all set we kick off the practical path with some simple, but very effective exercises that you can do with your horse. The aim of the exercises is to get your horse to respond to your bodylanguage, both close up and at a distance. The exercises will also make you better at following up your asks, that is to be more honset, and to time your release, and become more effective when teaching your horse something. When this is installed, we can start to work on what your horse feels and how to balance that. Your horse might need more forward and joy in it`s life, it might need clearer boundaries, to find deeper relaxation or to be better prepared for the human world of distractions and scary objects. It can also be a combination of more than one thing. This is where we might start to use treats and play as training tool for motivation and therapi. Depending on the horse and it`s needs.


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