Ride like a Viking

Cathrine Fodstad


I have been an avid horse lover since 9, which gives about 35 years of experience with horses. Countless riding lessons, courses, years of working with horses and a formal collage education as horse trainer and riding instructor thought me a lot of technical stuff, but never gave the recipe on how to connect with horses. I had to find that out from real life experiences.   

The quest brought me to Mongolia and the worlds longest and toughest horserace. The Mongol Derby. It was a transforming 1 000 km ride, at the finish line I was someone else than when I signed up. During one moment of the 10-day ride in Mongolia I had a revealing experience of unity with nature and horses that made me very happy, but also very sad. Very happy because I from that moment on knew that magic was possible, and very sad because I thought that it was impossible to redo or capture that magic ever again. 

When I got back from Mongolia to our horse farm in Norway, I discovered that my perception of horses and horse training had changed, but I had no idea how to implement that change into the practical handling of our horses. I could not copy the Mongolian style of doing things, as it was the free-spirited Mongolian horse, and probably a good dose of exhaustion, that had been my teacher. So I stuck to what I had learned about horses over the years and carried on. Luckily we have, in our herd, a mare who thought me the same lesson all over again, by bucking off the "invincible Mongol Derby Rider", face down in the mud. I was furious at the time and a little hurt, but after a while as opposed to fix this bucking issue and teach the horse some manners, I opened my heart to what the horse was trying to tell me. In accordance I began to do things differently and not by the book. After trying out different approaches and monitoring the response from the horses, my methods changed and the practical path to unity with horses was born.

It took me about 2 years of trying and failing, and then another 6 months to systemize the path, so that you can learn how to connect with your horse. Now I am ready, if you are. 



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